About the league

PGL Season 1 will feature 12 top teams from around the world, eight from Europe and four from North America. Ultimately, only the best four will fight for the Championship title during the LAN playoff that will take place in early October in Bucharest, Romania.

Nine teams will be offered a direct invite, with the three remaining slots being reserved for the open qualifiers. Season 1 will be structured around three groups of four teams each, with the top team from each group advancing straight to the Grand Finals.

Teams in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place place will get their shot at redemption in the Last Chance group, where they will fight for the last playoff slot available.

The total prize pool for PGL Season 1 is $110,000.

About the online qualifiers

FACEIT will be PGL‘s official partner for the PGL Season 1 online qualifiers, which will determine the last three teams to join the previously announced invited teams in the group stages.

FACEIT will host the three online qualifiers for PGL Season 1, one for the NA region (August 3-9) and two for the EU region (August 7-9 and August 9-11).

Four other European teams, Gamers2MousesportsTeam Dignitas and HellRaisers, will get a direct invite for the EU qualifiers semifinals, where they will face two teams from each of the EU open brackets.

Registrations for the qualifiers have already begun, with the registration links listed below:

About PGL

PGL has been hosting national and international eSports events since 2002. Partnering with renowned organizations and leagues all over the world, PGL has organized events, tournaments and qualifiers for DreamHack, IeSF, WCG, ESWC and KODE5, while at the same time supporting the local eSports scene through various national championships and cups that were ultimately merged into the Romanian eSport Championship.

Thanks to its own broadcasting studio, PGL has also been producing high-quality, multi-language content and coverage for leagues and events around the world, including DreamHack, The International and the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series).

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