Building on a stable foundation


Despite an increase in the number of teams, the format for PGL Season 1 will closely follow that of the CS:GO Championship Series Kick-off season. With a few tweaks, for good measure.

Don’t worry though, at its core, all the good things from the Kick-off season are here to stay.

We still have double-elimination groups with four teams, where each match counts and squads can come back through the lower bracket and one-up their opponents in the grand final to punch their ticket for the playoff (like Team EnVyUs did ealier this year).

We still have the Last Chance group, meaning that even if teams don’t make the cut in the group stage, there’s still one more chance to go through to the LAN playoff.

Here’s the kicker though, this time around, there’s only one playoff slot available in the Last Chance group, so the competition will be fiercer than ever.

Which brings us to the most important change for this season: the addition of contenders from North America in the mix. That’s right, four of the best teams from across the pond will fight it out and then send their best representative to the playoff.

It may seem like an unfair fight, three EU teams against one from NA and all, but who doesn’t love a good underdog story?



EU Group 1
Team SoloMid
Natus Vincere
Team Kinguin


EU Group 2


NA Group
Team Liquid


EU Last Chance
2nd place EU Group A
2nd place EU Group B
3rd place EU Group A
3rd place EU Group B
4th place EU Group A
4th place EU Group B


Season 1 LAN Playoff
1st place EU Group A
1st place EU Group B
1st place NA Group
1st place Last Chance


*Due to scheduling issues, Ninjas in Pyjamas were replaced by Titan and Team EnVyUs by Mousesports., 

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