Rewarding performance


Just as was the case with the league format itself, the prize pool distribution hasn’t changed much since the CS:GO Championship Series Kick-off season.

As usual, $10,000 have been set aside to support the four squads that will qualify in the playoff and, staying true to the goal we set out for the Kick-off Season, teams will continue to be rewarded for their performance in the league right from the group phase. It’s always nice to earn a bit of cash while (ideally) taking the easier road to the playoff.

Groups phase* Total = $21,000
1st place$4,000 + Playoff slot
2nd place$2,000
3rd place$1,000
4th placeXP
*3 groups in all: 2x EU + 1 NA
Last chance Total = $4,000
1st place$2,000 + Playoff slot
2nd place$1,000
3rd place$1,000
4th – 6th placeXP
Playoff Total = $75,000
1st place$40,000
2nd place$20,000
3rd place$10,000
4th place$5,000

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